Indonesia archipelago big and small island Indonesia is not just Bali,it its java ,Sumatra,Kalimantan,Sulawesi ,Irian Jaya and other island

It is a country of intinite scope and contrast,a land of volcanoes and vast lake,of white tranquile beaches and bustling cities,of age culture and modern hotel.For the visitor ,this emerald archipelago is a wonderlandof discoveries that of lifetimes exp;oration will never reveal.Descruibed here very briefly are the ten main tourisme area which escapulate the essence of Indonesia.Each region is reach tradition,art snd craft,each reflectingits own personally with one thing inn common.


All the fascinating of West java,the magnificent bogor botanical garden,puncak pass,the mask dane,the Palace and pageantly is wthin few hours travel from Jakarta.In this fertile province you will find phantasmagoria of the Bogor botanical gardens,cibodas botanical garden linked with classical Presidential Palace ,and wild life reseve of Ujung Kulon as home of Java rhino,do more to observe Baduy tribe in South banten as well Carita Beach with sea calm water main destination of Krakatau volcano in sunda Strait. From Bandung ,the provincial capital,drive to rim of Tangkuban perahu crater,most of the south east you will find findPapandayan crater,Kamojang crater,the traditional Kampung Naga [ Dragon Village],and most east off Bandung ,Pangandaran with its tourist object awaiting for you.The natural beauty of west Java is interwined with the sound of the bamboo flute and the compelling charm of the wayang golek puppet.


with its university,art studio,festival of dances drama,royal ceremonies batiks and silver works,yogyakarta is a cultural centre of Java.Retaining its special status of a sultanate in than Republik of Indonesia, Yogya is proud of the heritage proved by the presence of SULTAN’S PALACE,the great hindus temple of Prambanan,a proud example of then ingenuity and devotion of mankind over a millenium agohere on yogyakarta easily to shopping originaly batik , silver and antique things,as such asKeris either ancient and new brand.Hee on moon light night,the open air stage is transformed in to the heavenly abode of Rama and Shinta to present the balief of Ramayana.


Gamelan orchestras play pestive extravaganzas,performed againsT a back ground of lush valleysand smouldering peaks,near mystical SOLO,the heart of Javanese Culture,archeologist found the Java man.Temples smoothed by times stand silent on DIENG PLATEAU,GEDUNG SONGO [NINE TEMPLES] which are sorrounded by misty sulphore fumes that driff their terraced feet. The broding Magnificence of the mighty 8th Century Borobudur temple has tobe experienced to be  believed.GUNUNG MERAPI [MERAPI MOUNT] One of the sacred place also an active volcano in Indonesia inclusion part richness tourisme object of CENTRAL JAVA. In central Java you find that the past seems to hold you in its hand. 

East Java the old land of Hindus kingdom and the home of the god of volcanic of mount Bromo,semeru montwhere Tneggerese Villagers still make offerimg to god of fire whom they believes lives in its staming crater.
Discover the renains of ancient temples and nature’s gift in baluran park,don’t miss to visit  Ijen carter with its glowing colour lake just Hillside Baluran park.Short ferry ride from Indonesia’s second largestcity of Surabaya bring you to Madura where heart-stoping bull races dust you your eyes and asault eardrums in a fiercemailstrom of excitement.exotic \dances and places await you in East Java,and to relax try the mountains resort like Tretes,
Selecta,Bromo,and Paltuding of Ijen Crater srrounded .

West Sumatra the home of matrilineal of Minangkabau prople is the Charmed land of west Sumatra.Scattered trought its highland terrain are urgent lake where sailing,fishing and swimming abound.Bukittinggi is the provinces loveliest city of the’ Narching montains ’80 kilometres from the coastal capital.Padang it is rich in fascination:The horn-shope museum,the enchanting Ngalau Camang caves,with their hauntingcalcite formation.The immense Sianok Canyon,filled the eerie with drifting mists.West Sumatra is proudwith its traditional culture unlike any  in Indonesia. 

here the Indonesian famous lake Toba which sorround the island of samosir,the heartland of the singing Bataks a complate montains reaort comparable to any  on earth,its present you with a sport,sight and melodies of life will stay with you forever,For Adventurer we offer some attraction with wild life National park of BUKIT LAWANG,which is one of home ORANG UTAN rehabilitation area,Nias surfing destination to thosesurfer lovers.On nias island , warrior still parade their prowess in fiels of stone jumping  over pillars more then 2 metres high,ancient villages are still proof of its magnificent culture


Fabled Bali lies of the east coast off Java,on Bali,it is dificult to believe your imaginationis not playing trick,one look at its shimmering beauty.ones carress of its serenity and you may be forgiven for thinking that you really are on the island  of the God,Thosand of Hindu temples,towerin mountains AGUNG and Batur as well green rice terraces from the backdrop for the gentle Balinese intheir bright customs perdorming their religious ritual or graceful dances.On Bali you stroll along the beachesand the ride the surf of its blue waters.Listen to the evocative sound of the Gameland and hear tales of KING RAMA.On Bali you may find your self in love with everythings.

Sulawesi is orchid-shaped island once famous on million of classroom maps as celebes,its coastal outline is a natural simbol for the island’s undeniable flowering beauty.In the south are Shimmering  hot spring,myriad – coloured sea shell adn butterflies.In the main city of Ujung Pandang [Nakassar] live the adventourous Buginese seafarers whos tall sailing ship have centuries for conquered  the waves.Hidden 300 miles north is the green and yellow country of Tana Toraja.The land of the heavenly King and hanging graves.Where the mountain people dwell in prow-shaped houses and perform burrial ceremonies whose elaborate richness rivals even that of Bali.

The fables of the south seas come to life in the northeastern arm of Sulawesi withits  endless white sandy beaches.volcanic,mountain and lakes.the whealth of coconut and clove plantations contibute tothe galety of thes friendly people.known for its coral reefs in un polluted sea.The hues of marine life is a driver’s dream.
Minahasa,Bollaang Mongondow,Gorontalo and sangir Talaud,each it with its own culture and traditions tellof a pass tribal gathering and clanish lifestyle. 

In addition to ten tourist destiantion areas,Indonesia offers thousands of fascinating islands set a beautifull Archipelago.The tranquile blue waters belle the hurly-burly live beneath their surface.A natural aquarium , the multy-coloured marine growth and coral beds are alive with swiff moving fish of every hue.Snorkling in these tropical waters is facinating experience,even for the novice.Comfortable beach cottages under modern management are now avaliable at Maumere on flores island.The beach is excellent  for water sport in a clear and safe coral sea.From Maumere excursion can be made to Komodo Island,the home of the pre-historic
Adventourous travellers may set their sight on the shore .Sumba offers annual gathering of the last horsemen and herneighbouring island have ancient traditions of making handwoven cloth.And ‘of course,Maluku the fable spice island from the day exploration are within easy reach by air.for the Nature lover ,safary wildlife tours offer trip in to the tropical forests of SUMATRA,
Whichever the destinationnand whatever the expectation,INdonesia has something to offer every one.Yet often ,the best lies in the unexpected-the pleasant surprise that come up to meet the visitor,and Indonesia is a land where beauty may be found in the most unexpected places.Amd serenity amids grandeur.Indonesia is still a land that not only can enchant the sensus,but capture the heart as well