Ujungkulon sight adventure[ Java Rhino ]

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Javan rhinoceros belong to animals that chew biak.makanananya is the tops of leaves, tree shoots, herbia, twigs and bark.
Among the types of where known, in rare rhinos eat grass type plants, because the rhino is not a weed eater
but the bud-eating plants, including its leaves and twigs.
Upper lip-shaped taper [prehensil] and can be used for food mengkait and pulled him into the general mulut.Pada
plants not eaten by rhinos dead, but grow back so that the suspect has a nature preserve Javan rhino and
Sumer preserve his feed.

Javan rhino is more solitary lives except during breeding season, pregnant and parenting anak.Di in this period can be met in small groups
2 individuals consisting of male and female rhino, or 3 individuals consisting of rhino male, female and average anak.Rata
Javan rhino movement in a single day between 1.4 to 3.8 km, [Amman, 1985]. Meanwhile, according to Mc Neeley legakul dams [1977] and Hoogerwerf [1970]
Javan rhino movement in a single day in areas ranging from 15-20 km.Di found roaming rhino paths, both permanent path
which is always in the past by a rhino and the path is not permanent in the time spent on looking rhino eating.

Mating behavior
Javan rhino behavior until inibelum many in the know, this condition is caused because it has not been much research on this tersbut
, But according to Schenkel and Schenkel-Hulliger [1969], reproductive biology is almost similar to the Javan rhinoceros Indian rhinoceros [Rhinoceros Unicornis],
so that until now many experts who interpret the behavior of Javan rhinos on the basis of the behavior of any Java India.Badak
times the child gave birth to only one tail, the period of breastfeeding and child care ranges from 1-2 years, 3-5 years while the birth interval.
Generally classified in adult female rhino if it has been aged about 3-4 tahun.Sedangkan Javan rhino adult males around the age of 6 years.
Productive age female Javan rhino can reach 30 years.

Wallow for Javan rhino is a basic requirement, other insect bites menghinmdari also to beristirahat.Badak Java
wallowing activities in certain places, usually in small streams or large amounts of water occurs genagan
hujan.Aktivitas wallow in the season is highly dependent on the availability of water in their habitat, so that the season has an important role
Rainy season in ini.Pada activity, the Javan rhino are relatively more frequent wallowing activity, because the availability of fresh water
relatively evenly across the tip of the peninsula region KUlon.Sedangkan more shower activity is done in the dry season


7 DAY / 6 NITE[Tour Package ]


START / END jakarat/carita


The tour covers Ujung kulon peninsula started from eastern, west, southern and back to the Eastern part.This tour package combination either over sea and overland [ by boat and trecking ].

Day 01

Leave at 9.00 to sumur {fisherman harbour ] take 3hrs from carita.by minibus.The boat wills take us up from Sumur to handeuleum Island by crossing Wellcome bay, 2hrs on the boat .As arrived in handeuleum Island ,we do some tours such as tracking ,fishing , or relax enjoying fisrst day trip. [sleep in simply guest house]

Day 02

Short boat trip to cigenter river to canoeing . Cigenter river is an object to be viewed,which is canoeing the most pavourite tour until at the and of the river we can be continued by walking to Water fall ,Most of vegetations are be seen in the journey Tropical rain forest.. And Once a while wild life animal viewed.The tour duration 4hrs return, and on the way back to the boat,Stop a while at Grazing ground to see animals such as wild cattle,deers, peacock birds, etc.In the afternoon , take one hr by boat To Citelang { stay over night ]

Day 03

Citelang to Jamang Swamp by walking on the coastal marine can be reached I hr.

There are kind of Animals and coastal forest can be seen in the Swamp.But most of the vegetations grows in the Swamp area are Grass.from Jamang Swamp The tour continued by walking to Nyiur Beach is about 10 km ,can be reached 3 hrs.As arrived at Nyiur beach lunch will be served,While enjoy the beach ,swim ,and skin dive can be done.Also Swamp and grazing ground of Nyiur are much possibly to be visited{ Stay over night }

Day 04

Early Morning , Take on the boat directly To Pecang Island by reporting to Resort officer .The Route in fourth day is Cidaon – Cibunar – Karang Ranjang.Which is take 7 hrs by walking,its about 20 kms.All the way treck are combination between land and marine.Object found this Along this route are lowland tropical forest,coastal forest , and grassland.as arrived at Cibunar, refresh ,Lunch as well sight seeing on bush while enjoy Southern coast.Ci bunar as a transit for those who willing tour either Karang ranjang – Cidaon.We may stay overnight here,or Continued by walking to Karang – ranjang.

Day 05

Karang –Ranjang – Kalejetan Taman jaya,take 3hrs [ 6 km ] by walking.Along this track lowland tropical forest and followed by coastal forest with kind of animal such as mammals, birds,and others.camping ground is available here.

Day 06

Kalejetan-Taman Jaya.the distance about 4hrs [ 11 km ].the track is the same in south coast land generally.we walk through the tropical rain forest.once a while wild animal passing our track.By late afternoon arrive at taman Jaya and Stay overnight.Many object can be visited in taman jaya.

Day 07

After break fast take minibus back to Carita .and tour ending in carita

>Ujungkulon tour

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java‘s”west point”and the last home java Rhino.The ujung Kulon peninsulahas been a fine and interesting nature reserve since 1921and now.In 1980 , has been declare among The first of Indonesianational parks.The park now includes the whole of the western most tip of java – the ujung kulon peninsula[300km2]-as well as the large island of Panaitan and gunung honje massive of then isthmus [150 km2]and 60 km north of Ujung kulon.The island remmants of the famous volcano Krakatau [Krakataus].
the beautiful area ,protected on three sides by the sea and on the east by honje range,has been a natural refuge for wildlife now rare in the rest of heavilly populated java.And is the last home in the world of the once plentifuljavan rhinocerous.Ujung kulon also contains some of the last tract of lowland rain forestin java – even though the tidal waves caused by Krakatau’s final explossions swept across all the lowest land.becuse of the distances involed,most people visit ujung kulon separately from krakatau,Krakatau can be seen in a day,but to enjoy Ujung kulon requires at least 5 days including the time spent getting there.
for more information contact us :apud.carita@yahoo.com

Peucang island with two big bungalowsis 90 kms by the sea from carita 2-3 hrs by fast boat or5-6 hrs by slow boat.but presently the best visitor accomodation in the park.The bungallows face a green sward grazed by rusa deer and frequently by marauding monitor lizards and shy long tail macaques.It is an unusual experience in this part of the world to be able to see animals easily from varandah.Peucang is only about 2 km across,a short walk to the other sides through the pleasent open forest of tall trees”uncluttered”in comparison to the peninsula because of the browsing deer and the relative absence of palm.From peucang island




Ujung Kulon national park is one of the history facts of the ruins of Krakatau Mt,explosion in 1883 which has known for it great explosion that continued to succesion of the growing of plants and wild life animals.
Ujung Kulon National park also wellknown as home for javan Rhinocerous [Rhinoceros Sondaicus].

Through surfey that was done by expert,it was found 700 kinds of flora and 57 kinds among them ere rare and endemic species.And up to presentyhe flora and fauna potensial are spreaded into these vegetations;

-Coastal forest,formayion is consisting of pes caprae [Ipomoea pes caprae[katang-katang],spinifex littoreus [jukut kiara] ,pandanus tectorius [pandan],and barigtonia [Buttun baringtonia asiatica],api-api [apicena spp].
-Mangrove ,general kind which founded are padi=padi[Lumnitzera racemosa],api-api [Avicena spp].
-Fresh water swamp,is known by the types of thypa [thypa angustifolia,teki [chiperus spp].
-Lowland tropikal forest is known by palma.


Ujung Kulon national Park is one of the oldest national park in Indonesia,many kind of animalslive and reproduce in this park.

– 35 kinds of mammals,5 kinds primates,240 kinds of birds,59 reptiles,22 of Amphibia,142 kinds of pisces,33 kinds of coral reefs.


>Sunda strait Adventure


Day 01 

As arrive in Jakarta international air port, the trip Started to carita, a main harbour for next tour destnation. Take 2,5 hrs by car (equipped air conditioning) to carita and continued by boat to the National Park Ujung kulon which is well known for home Javan Rhino (Rhinocerous Sondaicus) as well themost visited area of National park, where guest house and other hotel facility are avaliable. (Stay over nite)

Day 02

Early after breakfast, crossing small bay visit to grazing ground,to see wild life Animalssuch as : Wild catle, wild pig kind of birds and once a while we tacking to virginally rain forest in sorounding. One hr later take onto the boat again to the western most of the park, that Tanjung Layar 4 hrs tour Duration At Tanjung Layar where we might see light house, it was planned to be Trade Peer, when Dutch colonization also animals and other object inTanjung Layar can visited.

Day 03

Leave to Krakatau Volcano take by boat can be reached 3 hrs to hike up on to Anak Krakatau , than snorkling at Beatifull scenery of Under water in same day (stay over nite) at Krakatau Volano.

Day 04

After Breakfast crossing the Sunda strait to Sebesi Island, which is take 1 hr by boat, as arrived in The island Checkin simple guest houst many tour object can be visited here

Day 05-07

Whithin 3 day left, our main trip Continued to Way Kambas (Elephant Training Camp) in central Lampung (Sumatra). By crossing Semangka Bay and landing to Kalianda Fishing Harbour and take another 3 hrs to reach Way Kambas.

Way kambas Tour object is Elephant Camp, Canoeing or boating at Way Kanan , where Mammals Kind of birds as well Type of Tropical forest are be found. It is a nice place cause located in the real Jungle isolated from the town Bandar Lampung. On the Last day back to Bakauheni harbour , Crossing Sunda Strait by ferry to merak and the tour will ending in Jakarta.

>ujung kulon tour guide: Handeuleum Isaland Cigenter river

>ujung kulon tour guide: Handeuleum Isaland Cigenter river

>ujung kulon tour guide: home

>ujung kulon tour guide: home

>ujung kulon tour adventure


We pick you up at Jakarta air port or Jakarta city for meeting service with our representative than transfer by car directly to coastal town of Carita beach take about 4 hours, overnight at Sunset view hotel. (free program).

Tour early morning from hotel we board (cruising) the Sunda strait keep your eyes as sometime you will find the group of dolphin around the boat to the famous, deserted, active volcano island, to sea is left of the biggest explosion ever recorded in history mankind (1883) take 3 hours, arrived than landing and climb up the volcano back to the boat than continue to Peucang island the unique and delightful Peucang island lies in clear blue krakatau tour with krakatau tourwater off the north western coastline of the national park. It is white sand beaches, calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life while Peucang is impressive forest shelter an abundance of wild life, arrived than overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner time will be served at 7: 00. a.m (free program). B/L/D.

After breakfast at 8 : 00 a.m taking the boat to Cibom than (trekking) the direct route to Ciramea travel through magnificence rain forest to shelter at the southern end of Ciramea beach, beautiful sand stone which are formed naturally can be seen, this sand coastline is the egg – laying site for Turtle, keep your eyes look up as sometime you will find the black monkey, hornbill, javan civet, giant squirrel take 4 hours, back to Peucang island passes Tanjung Layar historical site winds north and follows the shore through rocky inlets and coastal forest (lunch/rest) than continue to Citerjun for snorkeling to see variety of fish at coral reef “angelfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, batfish, butterfly fish etc”, overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner time will be served at 7 : 00 a.m. (free program) B/L/D

After breakfast at 8 : 00 a.m we walk (trekking) north on Peucang island passes through towering forest to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong, keep your eyes look up as sometime you will find the black monkey, hornbill, javan civet, giant squirrel back to lodge (rest/lunch) than continue (cruising) to Handeleum island in situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung kulon peninsula on the way we will stop over at Nyiur beach for snorkeling or swiming. Overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner will be served at 7 ; 00 A.M. (free program) B/L/D.

After breakfast canoes trip up the Cigenter river meander through overhanging rain forest . The habitat of python, hornbill, type of monkey where crocodile and rhino are occasionally sight in this area, back to the boat for return trip back to Sumur on the way we will stop over at Badul Island for snorkeling or swimming to see variety of fish at coral reef. Late afternoon back to Carita – Jakarta. End the trip.B/L.

Adventure with Java Rhino Ecotour and you’ ll get more than your regular adventures but you’ll have a great holiday tour’s