Ciberang -Banten Rafting

Lebak county in Banten province, Indonesia

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Ciberang River, Adventure Tourism Potential in Banten


Ciberang River, Adventure Tourism Potential in Banten Banten Who would have thought behind the hinterland there is a beautiful natural treat and potentially become one of the mainstay tourism object in Lebak regency, Banten Province. Ciberang River, located in the village of Cipanas, Cipanas district where so many villages – villages with an unspoiled nature hidden and untapped much less known to the public outside the province. A shining jewel is dim because it has not been honed to perfection. Ciberang River are now beginning to be pioneered rafting adventure attractions new this tour will be an alternative other than in the area of Sukabumi, West Java. With an atmosphere full of picturesque villages with rice fields, plantations and rural community life and hospitality in the vicinity of this river, causing the river can be an alternative source of tourism, particularly in Banten Province. Beginning with Kang Asep (43 years), an adventure sports enthusiasts as well as a boat manufacturer in Balaraja Rafting – Tangerang is interested to open a business operator whitewater jeram.Kebetulan he also is conducting a survey of the river – the river around Tangerang. Then began in May 2007, the businessman named Asep Gana Kusuma complete this study the situation and character of the River. Working closely with the Board Faji (Indonesia Rafting Federation) and the local government, yes finally began to pioneer the sale of packages – rafting adventure tour packages and in June 2007 have brought guests from Jakarta to berrafting ria. For the accommodation was no problem. Kang Asep working with a local businessman who is also seen as community leaders, namely Haji Dudi (51 years). With a grocery store business, food stalls, kiosks and lodging, of course, can provide the needs of guests who will berarung rapids. According to Lebak, especially the Village Cipanas is perceived is not known by the general public. Along with the reform era and the establishment of Banten Province and local elections are more democratic, Village Cipanas growing. coupled with the opening of two fruit Ciberang river rafting operators, Banten Bedouin Adventure and Adventure, the more open the opportunity for village Cipanas and Lebak district to be known. Actually, in this village was known as a mainstay attractions of hot tubs, Lebak Tirta Buana Buana. Hence the name of this village Cipanas. Originally a natural hot spring pools are managed local residents since the 1970’s. However, over development of the era, its management is appointed one person from the local population and development assistance from the local government until now. In addition there are also Cipanas village is known by the Pesantren La Tanza taken from Arabic that means “do not forget”. From this initial three-owned inn Simpang Haji Dudi was opened. From the needs of the relatives of the students who become residents of boarding schools to get a place to sleep, up to now open a simple inn with 8 rooms. Apart from tourist hot water with the price of admission to Rp 3,000, – for children – children and Rp. 5.000, – for adults and rafting tour with 3 choice of paths with the challenge of varied terrain rapids, there are also waterfalls and natural tourist attractions ancient site. Maybe a lot of potential untapped attractions. For the first try whitewater menguaknya jeramnya with water that is still clear and cool and natural ambience. (Ferry) Go there: Ciberang River, the village Cipanas, Cipanas subdistrict, Lebak District, Banten Province this can be achieved through Jakarta via toll Tomang Tangerang, and Bogor Rangkas Bitung via Jasinga for 2hours. There is a common vehicle from Bogor, Bogor majoring in the form of public transportation Jasinga a rate of Rp. 12,000, – and from Bitung Rangkas rates to Rp. 10.000, –