Fishing Sunda strait /Binuangeun

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Carita is a coastal town and clossest distant reached from Jakarta,It is main gate sunda strait,lot of thing to do in Carita,beside as atourist destination ,carita providing all the guest facility and atrraction.One of them is     fishing tour either fun or deep Sea Fishing,This information is providing for Fishing mania which is made you easy to find information and guidance to fishing.

Krakatau fishing tour,
Krakatau archipelago located in further west off Carita beach has distance 28 miles.In this area since long time ago as a fishing area for local people,from Sunda strait sorrounding,There are some spot to fishing as such as Rakata Island in south side of volcano,BATU MASJID,SERTUNG OR SERDANG ISLAND,PULAU PANJANG,those possibly by ground fish,kind of Fishes often cathced GT or giant Travelly,Red snapper fish,Crooper,and many others,Wahoo and Tuna are often Catched too,depend on the weather on monsoon.
Trawling and popping round the Krakatau archipelago is a much possibly.

Ujung Kulon panaitan Island

Ujung Kulon National park is a first destination deep sea Fishing in Sunda strait,lies from Peucang island to Tanjung parat a most north tip off Panaitan Island,Peucang island is often made as base of popping and ground fishing area ,especiality in Karang Copong ,Karang jajar and Further to north side which is take 2 hrs
from peucang,Tanjung parat or batu asin .offcourse in addtional time you may have trawling in Sorrounding peucang Island.


The game fishing in Ujung Kulon is outstanding with hotspots in Karang Copong, Karang Jajar, Panaitan/Tanjung Parat, Karang Kereta and Tanjung Layar.
A shallow reef lies off the corner of Peucang Island in Ujung Kulon and this popular spot is known as Karang Copong. This area is especially popular with smaller boats because it is normally sheltered from the wind. Tenggiri, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and further out where the area gradually deepens into the Panaitan Strait, Marlin and Sailfish can be caught.

Lying opposite of Karang Copong, the rougher waters of Karang Jajar guard the entrance of the Panaitan Strait. Here, boaters have to endure strong tides and big swells from the Indian Ocean to catch huge Giant Trevally, Dogtooth or Yellowfin Tuna, or marlin.
Tanjung Parat is, due to its sheltered position, another favorite spot for fisherman with smaller boats. Wahoo, Marlin and Sailfish, and large Giant Trevally at the nearby Batu Asin, are commonly found in these waters.

Probably the most rugged and exposed coastline in Ujung Kulon is the Southwestern extremity of Sanghiang Sirah and Karang Kereta. A spectacular cliff shoreline with tropical forest on even the steepest slopes plunges steeply into the Indian Ocean, These close inshore deep waters give ideal conditions for a wide variety of game fish.

The Tanjung Layar area, marked by the historical Tanjung Layar lighthouse, is characterized by a rough and rocky sea bottom. The many species of bait fish in these waters attract the big predators such as Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Tenggiri, and Giant Trevally. Continue reading