Sawarna beach-lebak tourism

Sawarna guide was established as a formalization
on similar views of the founders.
They are people who love God,
love others and the environment
People who love freedom and equality.
Sawarna berdirii guide from the date of 13 December 2005 as an activity that accommodates the interests and talents of the youth Sawarna, for berkreativtas in the field of conservation of nature, especially the beaches and caves. Sawarna guide activities in the two divisions
A. Natural Resources Conservation.
This division is engaged in the conservation and greening. Since December 13, 2005, already beberapak times Sawarna guide the program entered into its real and beneficial for Sawarna nature, such as clean beaches and greenery around the coast Sawarna.

B. Operating Funds.
This division is responsible for the success of the program guide Sawarna problems associated with the fund. The fund is obtained Sawarna Sawarna guide comes from within or from outside Sawarna guide guide one example: Service tour guide at a tourist attraction and Sawarna, Hotels min / Lodging and Cooperation with the sponsor who will be in Sawarna Doing Activities such as surfing competitions and national television coverage such as: TranTV, Tran7, ANTV, TPI, TVOne and others. From the funds in the acquired Sawarna guide to managing most of tourism objects in cash remaining Sawarna Sawarna management guide. Sawarna guide in implementing the program always carries.
“Put a whole, to achieve a peace By: D’Rato”
Since its establishment on 13 december 2005 until now, in the field of Conservation and kepecintaalaman Sawarna guide has carved many achievements of great pride for Sawarna, Sawarna Here are a few achievements that can guide in summarizing the following:
* Clean beaches Sawarna
* Replanting coastal Sawarna
* Informants local and international tourists
* Seminar and tour guide
* Seminar on disaster management
* Training and how to guide a tourist attraction mangelola
* Mutual cooperation opens a new area as a tourist attraction Sawarna
* Etc.

C. Mebanggakan potential in Sawarna
Sawarna tersembuni like a diamond but has potential as a tourist attraction that boasts the following:
* Tourism goa lalay
* Tracking the mountain flowers
* Surfing beach ciantir
* Sawarna beach & a thousand cave temple
* Camping in beach & a thousand cave temple

* Location Outbound
* Of road sangko
* Beach Legon Stingray
* Beach seupang
* Sunset beach ciantir

D. Sawarna Routine Program Guide
* Professional Guide Leader
* Mini hotel / inn
* Information Sawarna
* Know the local culture
* Mini market
* Selling Pulse
* Motorcycle taxi
* Equipment and surfing goa
* Clean beaches Sawarna
* Replanting coastal Sawarna
* Informants local and international tourists
* Seminar and tour guide
* Seminar on disaster management
* Training and how to guide a tourist attraction mangelola
* Mutual cooperation opens a new area as a tourist attraction Sawarna
* Etc.

E. Mini Hotel / Lodging in Sawarna
The concept of kinship in the hotel mini stretcher Sawarna is a concept whereby tourists allowed to do whatever is in there doing the community such as: Cooking, hoe, fishing with nelalayan, with farmers planting, congregational prayers in mosques for the Muslims, harvesting rice, watchmen, surfing, playing ball etc..
With tourist destinations in feel was home alone or part of the citizens Sawarna.
The facilities available are:
* Beds
* Mini Bar
* Mini market
* Toilets
* Consumption
* Bathrooms
* Parking area
* Local Guide
* Young Coconut
* Sale Sawarna

Bagedur Beach-Lebak Tourism

Lebak regency in Banten province has long been  recognized  as an attractive tourism potential. Tourism potential of this area is diverse. There is a unique township at the foot of the mountains of  Bedouin Citizens  Kendeng  which  is located about 50  km north of the city Rangkasbitung, Lebak District. There is also a tourism potential  and the  hybrid  oil palm  plantations  in the area Banjarsari, and a number of the sloping beach in South Banten.
Bagedur Beach which is located in the District Malingping, about 115 km from the City Rangkasbitung, worth practically as never deserted beaches visited by tourists. The appeal of the beach was not only because of its length reaches about 10 km but also wide beach with beach area that allows kelandaiannya used motorcycle rally location.Because of the slope and length, it is not strange that every year before the close, long vacation, droves of tourists visiting these attractions. Generally, tourists come to establish their own tents for resting sites. They also carry kitchen equipment and tableware as needed. 

With the portable equipment, the visitors can freely resting on the beach attractions Bagedur for several days, without pay. That fact is often done many families from Rangkasbitung, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Jakarta and even other cities in Java and Sumatra.

“The appeal of these attractions, according to my observations, in addition to its natural pristine beaches as well as a unique form. We are here if you always bring a bike, foot ball, volley ball, and fishing equipment. Ordinary until two to three days we Beach camping on the outskirts of Bagedur. It’s so, camping on the beach is free, “said Saut Simamora, resident of Tangerang. Saut always a trip to the beach with her family, a wife, two children who had already left for teenagers, families and helpers.

Bagedur Beach (4)

Bagedur Beach (3)

Bagedur Beach (2)

Bagedur Beach (1)

Carita beach – Pandeglang tourism

Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita Beach4 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita Beach is located in Banten, West Java, Carita is a beach not too far from town. The time needed to reach the beach is about 3-4 hours by car to reach this goal. The road to Carita beach may seem endless because this track is very straight.  To give you an edge to come here, nearby this beach has an active volcano known as Krakatau, it is still active to this day.

Carita Beach3 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

The beach is great, it has nice cream sands, and you can walk the endless beach. Beaches that offer a combination of shades of the beach with shades of these mountains is the result of natural succession nan so perfectly created. Waves crashing, and cries that led to the stretch of white sand with no reef net nan was like a carpet of carpet so soft. Not to mention the rows of palm trees growing on a regular basis to make this Carita Beach looks increasingly more attractive.

Carita Beach5 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita beach is very polite to us visitors, opening their arms wide open! We were able to do all kinds of activities on the beach such as team building games, recreation, and beach volleyball & beach soccer. No one minded what we were doing, and that made our stay even better. If you’re too lazy to leave the beach, you can find almost everything you need. Kiosks are located on the beach, you can have a drink, a snack, and even a whole meal can be prepared for you.

To spend the night, at Carita Beach provides a lot of hotel accommodation, cottages and motels located around the edges of Carita Beach. Starting from cheap hotels and cottages to five-star hotels and cottages, all available at Carita Beach course on the ornament and design is very different nuance to the beach and hotels in other areas.

Carita Beach2 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Many natural tourist attraction in addition to Carita Beach you can visit here, such as visiting the Ujung Kulon National Park – a tourist destination that is rich in biodiversity, flora and fauna rare, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island Peucang blue sea – the so-called paradise never lost, or surfing at sea Panaitan.

So are you waiting for, the content of your holiday and visit the beach carita to get the sensation of another holiday.

Karang Bolong Beach Anyer

This beach is the beach recreation area where there is a big rock in the middle hole with a naturally formed arches. one end of the reefs are at the beach while others are facing the open sea. Karang Bolong Most likely this is because due to the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. At the peak there cupola and review this forest as a place to rest while enjoying the view of the high seas.There is a river flowing down to the sea where people can have a bath of fresh water after swimming in the salty sea.
Karang Bolong beach is located 50 km from Serang town or 140 km from the city of Jakarta, about 11 km towards south of Anyer, or about 30 km north of Labuan On this beach there is a huge rock that stands to form the arch. One end of the reefs are at the beach while the other protrudes into the sea.
Karang Bolong Beach, which lies on the edge of the road south coast, makes it easy for visitors to find this beach

Pulorida beach Merak

the Florida Beach in Banten

What’s a ‚Florida Beach’ doing in Merak, Banten? This was the first thing that popped up in my head when I read in my Java – Nusa Tenggara Nelles Map about places around Banten. But the word ‚Florida Beach’ is truly there, designated for a small peninsula Northeast from the city of Merak. Florida? The Bantenese can’t even spell the alphabet ‚F’. Why would they have a Florida Beach in their territory? This mystery is enough to start an adventure: The Quest for the Florida Beach in Banten!
On Sunday, September 12th, I finally got a chance to turn a lazy long-weekend-Sunday-afternoon into an action-packed adventure. I was able to persuade my friends to choose Florida Beach over the Jakarta Motor Show (after convincing them that it would take another 250 years before we can buy one of those Bentleys on display). So we set off at 14.00 to go to Merak. The distance between Jakarta and Merak is about 120 km, with toll roads all the way through. The condition of the highway is not as good as Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, but still acceptable. Without it the travel itself would surely need several more hours. We reached Merak aproximately at 16.30, after paying Rp. 14.500,- for the toll road.
I felt a bit discouraged before exiting in Merak, because the journey was a very long and sleepy one. I was starting to think that it might not worth the trip to look for this beach afterall. But as soon as the road turns to the right towards the Merak Harbor, all efforts are paid off. We were greeted by brilliant blue ocean view from the Sunda Strait, with several tankers and heavy duty cargo ships parking and floating gracefully on the surface. On the distance were five giant poles with red color painted on their tips. I thought those were lighthouses, but why are there 5 lighthouses on the same bay? After driving a little bit closer, they turned out to be chimneys from Suryalaya Powerlant which is located right next to the harbor.
Some of the mystery is starting to unfold as we get closer to the harbor. The toll guy told us to ‚turn right before the harbor’ to go to Florida. Then we saw the intersection with signs: left to ‚Merak harbor’ and right… guess what… to ‚Pulo Rida’. Aaaah, that’s why they call it Florida! It’s actually Pulo Rida, which was then probably changed to ‚Florida’ to make it sound more fancy and attractive. The main road was called ‚Jalan Raya Florida’, but the sign explains it all. We follow the direction and about 15 minutes later we found ‚Pulo Rida Resort’ on the left side which was definitely what we were looking for. Or was it? There are a lot of tour busses coming from the other direction. Could it be, that the actual Florida Beach is still ahead?
We decided to follow the road ahead to find where the tour busses are coming from. When I asked an Angkot driver in PLTU Suryalaya, he told me that we’ve passed by Florida Beach, but there’s another famous beach up ahead, which is called ‚Salira Beach’. So we drove on to look for this Salira Beach. About 30 minutes later, we found a left-turn with a big ‚Salira Beach’ billboard hanging over the road. We have to wait in the main road because 5 big ‚Arimbi’ chartered tour busses were just leaving the beach. This must be it! After driving through 500 m of dreadful and beaten-up road and paying Rp. 16.000,- (Rp. 4.000,- per person and Rp 4.000,- for the car), we finally parked in the middle of what looked like a big market with many temporary stalls.
„Are you sure that Salira is a beach and not a market?“ was my friend’s first question. Indeed, that was what we found. Huge market selling everything from toys to mie baso! After searching for a while, we found the beach. It was a normal brown-sanded beach, looks just like the Ancol public beach. But one thing is notifiable: the beach is drenched with garbage!!! The ground was filled with hundreds of lunch boxes with their contents splatterred all over the place. Plastics, paper, food leftover, you name it – all was thrown on the ground. The people that organized the event today must be sued! The stench from rotten and trampled over food is already starting to disturb us. How could these people be so ignorant, just throwing trashes as they will? What was meant as a beautiful beach is now reduced to a giant trash dump. Sad, but true! As suspected, we did not spend a lot of time in the Salira ‚trash beach’. We drove back, going back to the ‚Pulo Rida’ resort, hoping to find a better place.
‚Pulo Rida’ is in fact a very small island, located right inside the Pulo Rida Resort. The area is only about 100 sqm, located about 200 m off the bay. The resort has built a bridge that connects the bay and the island, which is a very good idea. You can walk on the narrow concrete bridge to the island, looking at the open sea with the sun setting on your left side. The bridge offers a spectacular view: it’s like you’re standing on water, overlooking the calm ocean and the bay. Try not to look on your right side, though: you can see a harbor and some cargo ships docking, which reminds you that there might be oil contamination nearby. Yikes!
We walked through the bridge and set out foot on Pulo Rida’s soil. A signboard saying ‚Welcome to Pulo Rida Island’ signifies that we have reached the end of our quest. This is the Florida beach! It’s a neat little island, with some vegetations (including mangroves) in the middle. Most of the island consists of coral and white sand, except in the Northern part where we can find huge chunks of volcanic rocks. This part is probably a reminder of the past, when the mighty Krakatau volcano, located not so far away, poured its anger all over this bay. Maybe a huge chunk of lava landed here and became an island on which we are standing now. Who knows? Even on the end of our journey, there are still some mysteries to be discovered. Yes, the truth is out there. In here, we’re just hanging out on this neat little island, watching the sunset, enjoying ourselves on a lazy-long-weekend-Sunday afternoon.
Pulo Rida resort also have some rooms for rent and a restaurant. You can also do some fishing in the bay or on the brigde. We tried the restaurant, but it was awful, as expected in many resort restaurants. With Rp. 120.000,-, we get a standard cap cay, shrimps (not so fresh) with butter sauce, chicken with sour-sweet sauce, and gado-gado. The taste is just mediocre but stay off sea food because I dont think they’re fresh (funny fact, as they’re located just by teh sea). But the resort itself and its Pulo Rida island is quite recommended if you would like to spend the night or just sightseeing around the area. Try to catch the sunset on the bridge – it’s quite fun! And, last but not least, entrance to the resort is free. So, just bring some lunch and let’s go to Florida! In Banten, there is.