Gunung Patuha -White Crater

Locator map of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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Ecotourism consists of 2 ha of plantation forests (Agathis, Rasamala and Pinus), the visual potential to the location quite attractive landscape with natural scenery such as mountains and plantations, while the landscape / visual potential landscape in the area that has distinctive characteristics are stands of forest plants and the panorama of the city of Bogor. Ecotourism is used for camping tourism. To kegioatan camping tents are available two complexes. Curug Cilember has seven waterfalls, with the highest cascade 30 meters. However Curug (waterfall), the most visited is the fourth Curug. This fourth Curug efficacious as a drug believed to be young, can speed up a mate and can cure disease. Just above the location Curug 7 tedapat a shrine that every day is often dikuknjungi by society, for pilgrimage, and seek blessings. According to the history of this tomb is called the tomb of Grandparent Jaya Sakti who still has a line of royal descent from King Siliwangi Pajajaran. Based on the description of Mr. Mahdi, who is believed as a key grandparent Jaya Sakti also still have blood relations with Tubagus Kiaralawang Arifin, who was in Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). Usually pilgrims reached its peak at the beginning of each month of Rabi. It is said Curug Cilember is also the place of the princess from heaven a shower. Even among Enus bebnerapa population (70 years) the first person who lived around Curug Cilember,’ve seen around seven beautiful lady who was in the shower and bercengkraman in Curug fourth. Facilities already available in the form of ecotourism is the gatehouse, lodge work, ticket office, walkways, parking, public toilets, shelters (substations of view), seats, space information and the trash. Ecotourism can be reached from Bogor, 10 km. Generally good condition of roads (paved), four-wheeled vehicles can pass. Existing public transportation is the motorbike taxi from the road transport department Bogor – Puncak. Source: Ranch Upas Leave a Comment Filed under: Tourism Jawabarat – widawati18 @ 10:29 pm Upas WW Ranch area of 215 ha located in the RPH Patrol, Tambakruyung BPKH East, South Bandung KPH government administratively located in the village of Natural Endah Ciwidey District, Bandung regency. Ecotourism is situated at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level with flat to undulating field configuration. The average air temperature of 18-230 C with rainfall 3740-4050 mm / yr. Potential Areas Natural forest in the surrounding area include ranch Upas tree lined Puspa, Jamuju, riots, Kitambang, Kihujan, Hamirung, Kurai and pairs. While the fauna that can be found in this region include doves, crows, eagles, and Javan, monkey and tiger. Landscape Tourism Potential of natural forests and forest plantations and captive deer with tourism activities that can be done such as camping, hiking and hot water baths. Earth Camp Ranch Upas with views typical of tame deer are only one’s natural wealth south KPH Bandung managed since 1991. Seven first deer taken from Ragunan for breeding at the ranch Upas over an area of four hectares -5. But after the population grew, the animals grow into a campground allure. Facilities Facilities are available at this campground include desert towers, camping areas, supermarket, toilets and trade stalls. Accessibility can be achieved with four-wheeled vehicles and wheels-six. Pangalengan mileage of 15 km and 56 km from Bandung to the condition of paved roads. source: White Crater Leave a Comment Filed under: Tourism Jawabarat – widawati18 @ 10:12 pm Area 25 ha, RPH Patuha, BPKH Ciwidey, KPH South Bandung, Village Nature Endah, condemns, or the Sand Guava, Bandung regency. This place is situated at an altitude of 2434 m above sea level, the field configuration is generally flat to hilly. Air temperature of about 8-22 0 C. existing water sources depending on the rainy season. Humidity 90%, while the annual rainfall was recorded between 3743-4043 mm / year. Wana area potentials of this tour is daily tours that have the natural landscapes like forests and volcanic craters. Daily tours that can be done is the cross-country and climbing gununng. Plants found on ecotourism is: alang – alang, saliara, kingkilaban, kirinyuh, flower, eucalyptus, pine and Rasamala. Animals contained in this ecotourism is: sanca, owls, Javan, tigers, wolves. Mountain tourism potential of the community Patuha Ciwidey regarded as the oldest mountains. But supposedly comes from the city Patuha Old Man (elders), so that local people often call you by Mount Sepuh. Lebioh than a century ago, the summit of Mount Patuha anchor regarded by local people so that no one dared to step on. Therefore, the existence and beauty at that time did not get to know people. On the basis of some description, Mount Patuha had erupted in the X century, causing the crater (Crater), which drain the western side of the peak. Then in the XII century erupted crater on the left too, which then formed a beautiful lake. Year 1837, a German named Dr. Holland Peranakan. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809-1864) made a trip to South Bandung area. When it arrived in the area, Junghuhn feel the atmosphere of a very lonely and deserted, not a beast that crosses the area. He then asked this matter to the local community, and by the public; Patuha Mountain region is haunted because it is a place bersemayamnya spirits of the ancestors and is a center of the kingdom of the jinn. Therefore if there is presumptuous daring bird flying over the area, will fall and die. Nevertheless, the Dutch are not so sure this one will be greeting the public. He then continued his journey through the jungle on the mountain to prove the occurrence of what actually happened in the area. But before I reached the top of the mountain, Junghuhn stunned to see such a beautiful natural charm in front of him, where lay a large enough lake with greenish white water. From the lake of lava burst out and the smell of sulfur that pierced nose. And terjawablah was why the birds would not fly across the area. From this beginning the establishment of the White crater with sulfur factory in the Dutch title: Zwavel Ontgining White Crater. In the Japanese era, continued with the business of this factory uses the title The White Crater kenzanka Ciwidey Yokoya, and directly under military supervision. The story and the mystery of the White crater continues to grow from one generation to the community the next generation of society. Until now they still believe that the crater of White is a gathering place of the ancestral spirits. Even according to the present kuncen Abah Karna ± 105 years old and resides in Kampung Pasir Hoe, Village Sugih Mukti; in white crater there are the graves of the ancestors, among them: Keep Satru Grandpa, Grandpa Rangsa Sadana, Grandpa Camat, Ngabai Grandpa, Grandpa Barabak, Grandpa and Grandpa Djambrong basin. One of the top of Mount Patuha, Peak Kapok, believed to be the meeting place of the ancestors, led by the Old Man Guard Satru. In this place people occasionally see (magically) a set of white sheep (sheep lukutan) are believed to be incarnations of the ancestors. Natural scenery around the White Crater quite beautiful; with greenish white water, contrasted with the white limestone which surrounds the lake. In the north of the lake stood upright gray limestone cliff is overgrown with moss and other plants. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn now long gone, but the inventor known as White Crater is still stunning to this gracefully. Perum Perhutani develop WW White crater since 1991. Facilities located on WW White Crater including mosque, public toilets, building an information center, a mini zoo area, children’s playground, kiosk trade. Condition of road accessibility is generally good and paved so that it can be achieved with two-or four-wheeled vehicles. Bandung mileage of 47 km

Mount Gede pangrango adventure

Mount Gede, as seen from the tea plantation @ ...

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Mount Gede Pangrango Adventures
Package Tour Peak Climbing Mount Gede Pangrango
Ecotourism Packages in Bogor, Indonesia
Tour Package treking in Bogor: Climbing Gunung Gede Pangrango 


We pick you up at hotels or inns around the area Cibodas, PuncakBogor, West Java. Next, we’ll take to start the tour at once adventurous climb the summit of Mount Gede Pangrango a very interesting and challenging!

The trip will start from the exact beginning our ascent, namely at our camp as well as welcome drink and breefing before making the climb of Mount Gede. After that, participants are invited to check-in event tickets and start climbing the mountain guided and accompanied by our Tour Guide who’ve experienced.

Our Tour Guide will invite participants to visit the tourist attractions of the exotic among which Lake Blue Lake, then visit Cibeureum Waterfall, then resume climbing again. When time and conditions permit, we will invite all the hot water area located at the foot of Mount Gede. Arriving at the summit of Mount Gede Pangrango, participants break while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama stretching from the summit of Mount Gede crater Pangrango and thunder. After a break to taste, we invite participants to fall back on to the next return to their homes. The event finished.

COST treking –
It includes:
~ Treking Pangrango 3D2N Gunung Gede
~ Experienced Tour Guide
~ Entrance vehicle tours of Mount Gede Pangrango
~ Accident Insurance
~ Licensing

Mt Galunggung west java

Lightning strikes during the eruption of the G...

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Landscapes in the form of volcanic crater and the potential embarrassment of flora including daughter, walang rice pest, saladah, sulfur moss, amethyst, Kaliandra, dowala, ferns, hamerang, burnugr and almond. While the fauna that can be found among kawung snake, python, snake striped, green snakes, ciung stones, books Tan and black langur. With terjadinyna prolonged eruption of the volcano crater and Mount Warirang So since April 5, 1982, in which she has vomited scores twenty million cubic meters of waste material and Mount Apih causing major changes in the general condition good run private area directly or indirectly. ImageImageImage ImageImageImage With the physical state of the forest has been transformed into a barren land, state land and the third part became polluted and corrupted, the region- agricultural areas, livestock, horticulture and irrigation-irrigation damaged socio-economic circumstances surrounding communities of Mount Mersa anxiety, worry and hope of the future that is uncertain, especially for those directly hit by disasters. As a result of damage to the forest area is considered necessary to overcome as soon as possible so that the function forest immediately restored, this requires the existence of rehabilitation efforts on areas that were damaged, out of a total area of protected forests and forest area of 6036.10 ha produksimencakup. Not only rehabilitate the forest alone, Perum Perhutani also build Wana Wisata Cipanas Galunggung since 1988 with the facilities provided in the form of gates, bath / shower, shelters, etc.. Facilities Facilities contained in WW Cipanas Galunggung amongst others, the bridge, to the bathhouse showers bengunan 12, guardhouse, a water reservoir tanks, supermarket and kiosk vendors. accessibility Location This can be achieved with four-wheeled vehicles. Distance from Tasikmalaya about 17 km to the condition of paved roads.

Java volcano tour overland

The Mount Bromo volcano on the island Java of ...

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This tour package offering to exploring volcano java island , started from krakatau volcano at  SUNDA STRAIT,visit bogor Bandung and Gunung Gede pangrango as well to Papandayan crater,crossing West java .Central java is a destination of java Island which is most activity and attraction may be visited,as such as Borobudur Tenple,Prambanan , Gunung or mount Merapi,and Don,t mist Dieng Plateau.

East java volcano more popular than other 2 previously,cause Bromo more spectacular view to see,especially by morning ,driving up to Pananjakan Mt,and continued riding hours up to Bromo Mt.Before cross to bali The last volcano in East java that Ijen crater with amazing glowing colour crater,

Those cover only less than 10 day.

Arjuno Mount adventure

Mount Arjuna viewed from Malang

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Climbing Mount Arjuno from the town of Lawang is the initial ascent Lawang practical because the city is easy once we go through both of the direction of Surabaya and Malang, apart from that peak of Mount Arjuno can be achieved directly from this direction. From the direction of Surabaya, Malang majoring we took a bus and get off at Lawang (76 km). When we from Malang, then we ride from Terminal Arjosari using buses or minibis toward Lawang, distance 18 km. From Lawang we ride public transportation (rural transportation) to the village as far as 13 km PRESTRESSED. Climbing to the top, starting from this village to the Tea Plantation Wonosari 3 km. Here we report on PHPA officials and also requested permission to climb, our water supplies are also prepared in this last village. From the village Wonosari went ahead and passed Wonosari Tea Plantation as well as continue to rise during the 3-4 hour trip we will arrive at the Oro-Oro Ombo which is a camping place. Of Oro-oro Ombo headed to the summit takes 6-7 hours to travel through dense forest called the Forest Jiwo Lali. From here we will through meadows and steep uphill path. Approaching the summit, we will walk through the stones are very large and resembles a beautiful park, after that we will reach peak Arjuno. From the west, Stone Source Brantas arjunoJalur-climbing from the direction of the Rock, located on the west side of Mount Welirang, is also an interesting and exciting path. Stone Town, the situation is not much different from Tretes, a resort town has an interesting panorama, with a variety of amenities. Stone, also known as the City of Apples, and got his nickname Java Switzerland, situated in the valley and the slopes of Mount Mount Panderman Arjuno, have tourist area with warm water sources in Songgoriti. To go from the direction of Batu Malang, Kediri, or we can take a bus / colt, subsequently followed by minibus to the village of Stone Source Brantas by Selecta. We can stop in the Selecta, which is also a famous tourist resort, situated at an altitude of 1200 m.dpl, hawanya cool and is a pleasant tourist facilities, swimming pools and flower gardens, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables market. At Selecta, a lot of available hotels and inns where we can spend the night. Last telpun facilities exist in this Selecta. Village Resources Brantas (1600 masl) there is a fountain which is the source of the Brantas River that flows hundreds of kilometers, which is the lifeblood of farmland in East Java. In the spring we have to prepare enough water for the trip to the summit and return. From Source Brantas, follow the asphalt road towards Pacet-Mojokerto as far as 8 km, we will arrive at Cangar which is the People’s Forest Park area which is being developed Suryo amenities, to enjoy the natural hot water bath from the foot of Mount Welirang. Village Resources Brantas public vehicles are usually lower in Post KSDA we, but we can get down (by appointment) at the end of the village. Before climbing, we should apply to the Officer KSDA. From the end of the village, we started climbing for two hours, with a rocky road uphill and vegetable fields toward the Northeast, to the edge of the Forest Lali Jiwo west. In this way, vaguely visible peak Arjuno. To save time, we can also rent a jeep in the village Source Brantas, to take us until the end of the vegetable garden on the edge of the forest. After climbing 4 hours again through the dense tropical forests Jiwo Lali, we will get to the mountain ridge that connects the peak of Mount Welirang and Mount Arjuno, precisely the Southeast side of Mount Twin I. Here there is a junction, towards the left to get to the top of Mount Welirang for 2-3 hours and to the right toward Mount Arjuno for 4-5 hours. Travel Welirang peak of Mount Peak near the west, we will be able to see the desert flowers and Mentigi Edelweis a rosy leafy, attractive scenery in not going to be found in the other lane. Along the way we will often encounter deer, Deer, Flying Squirrels, Javan birds also look tame.

Java bali overland tour

Lovina Beach at dawn

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Day 01

Jakarta to Carita drive along toll road,takes 3 hrs.
Stay over night and free programe

Day 02

)8 o'clock deparute to Krakatau volcano crossing Sunda strait within 1,5
hrs,round trip the Anak Krakatau/Krakatoa Volcano sigt seeing sorroundng
and get explanation from a guide,snrkling will be made in north west side
Volcano which you could find  new vulcanic reefs.Type of coral grows and
colou full fishes are possibly found.Afternoon loading camping staff and
logistic,and stay overnight in Child Krakataiu island.

Day 03

Short boat trip to Krakatau volcano from rakata island,to see sunrise
rising up behind java island from the top of krakatau
and toward back to camp site,breakfast and repacking the camping staff ,
Go to snorkling spot at Rakata island ,afterward back to Carita [ stay
overnight at Carita.

Day 04
Carita beach to Bogor 4 hrs driving, Carita to Bogor {botanical
garden}it’s reached 4 hrs by car,visit to Cibodas Botanical garden.stay a
night in Puncak Area.{Highland with beautifull scenery of tea Plantation]
Day 05

Visiti to Gunung Gede , trecking up to Kandang kuda,hot spring water. At
last evening arrive in Bandung [Stay overnight].

Day 06

Visit Tangkuban Perahu Crater in the North of Bandung.trecking to Domas
Crater take 2hrs total tour here.after lunch leaving Bandung for Garut
{papandayan crater}.

Day 07

Hike to Papandayan MT

PAPANDAAYAN is one Indonesia most recently erupting Volcanoes.hike a steep
ride up the side of Volcano,leads up to the Mud Crater and onto Queen
Crater.Whose lakes changes colour from time to time and whose forest
remains are a reminder as to how recently she Erupted.

From Papandayaan directly to Dieng Plateau. [ Sleep in Wonosobo ,foot hill
of Dieng Plateau}

Day 08

Visit to The Old hindus Temples {Arjuna,Bima and many Others].danau telaga
Warna {colur lake],Ci Kidang Crater,vegetable Landscap are Visisted. take
a car to Yogyakarta.

Day 09 -11

Sunrise tour to Borobudur {the Buddist temple},drive away to the Eastern
of Yogyakarta that to KETEP of Merapi Volcano Theatre.

Yogyakarta Javas Old Capital,enjoy the culture,the market, and the
Arts,Those are some fantastic samples.Batik art work here as well as a
buzzing music scene.while The Sultan Palace and water Castle,bird Market
also Kraton impress up on you the Former Glory of this City.

Day 12

Yogyakarta to Long distant of Bromo Mt.Visit Prambanan Hindus Temple on
the way.

Take 15 hrs by car,Drive up to Cemoro Lawang {Bromo Mt.}

Day 13

Bromo is a Volcano which is located in east Java hugged by 3 Regencies[
Probolinggo, Pasuruan,Lumajang}

It has the massive 10km wide crater.Early morning tour crossing the Sea of
black sand and up to the crater or to Pananjakan Mt. see Sunrise.

Day 14

After breakfast,Bromo  To Ketapang Harbour take 8 hrs,

The tour can be continued to Bali by crossing Bali strait and will ending
in Lovina Beach [North ob bali] and stay overnight at sea breeze hotel Lovina

DAY 15 : On first day we will pick up you at 08.30 Am and start ou Bali
Tours by take you to see Barong dance at Batubulan Village,  after finish
we continue to Celuk village to see gold and silver smith and Mas village
for Bali Traditional art wood carving, Ubud Village the Bali Art Center
and than we will drive to see Ceking rice terrace at Tegallalang Village
after that we will see Kintamani volcano and lake Batur at Kintamani, and
will over night here at Kintamani Local Hotel.

Day 16 : Will pick up early morning at 04′00 am we will take you to
climb mount Batur to see sun rise from the top of mount Batur, after that
back to hotel to get breakfast, after breakfast take you to see coffee
plantation ( you can get free a cup of original coffe Bali )and back to
the hotel in lovina beach

DAY 17 : Will Pick up early morning from your hotel at Lovina at 05.00 am
to catch the boat to see wild dolphin by out rigger boat to see very
beautiful sun rise at Lovina beach ( also you can do snorkeling here)
after that back to hotel to get breakfast, after breakfast we will take
you to see hot spring at Banjar village, after here see git – git water
fall than we will drive to see Bedugul to see temple on the lake ( you can
get your lunch here at local restaurant) after lunch we will take you to
see monkey forest at Alas Kedaton and then we will visit Taman Ayun Temple
after that we will see beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple after sunset
back to hotel.

Day 18
Transfer to the airport on flight to manado according to flight schedule.
at least 2 hrs before should be arrive at ngurahrai airport