Carita beach – Pandeglang tourism

Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita Beach4 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita Beach is located in Banten, West Java, Carita is a beach not too far from town. The time needed to reach the beach is about 3-4 hours by car to reach this goal. The road to Carita beach may seem endless because this track is very straight.  To give you an edge to come here, nearby this beach has an active volcano known as Krakatau, it is still active to this day.

Carita Beach3 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

The beach is great, it has nice cream sands, and you can walk the endless beach. Beaches that offer a combination of shades of the beach with shades of these mountains is the result of natural succession nan so perfectly created. Waves crashing, and cries that led to the stretch of white sand with no reef net nan was like a carpet of carpet so soft. Not to mention the rows of palm trees growing on a regular basis to make this Carita Beach looks increasingly more attractive.

Carita Beach5 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Carita beach is very polite to us visitors, opening their arms wide open! We were able to do all kinds of activities on the beach such as team building games, recreation, and beach volleyball & beach soccer. No one minded what we were doing, and that made our stay even better. If you’re too lazy to leave the beach, you can find almost everything you need. Kiosks are located on the beach, you can have a drink, a snack, and even a whole meal can be prepared for you.

To spend the night, at Carita Beach provides a lot of hotel accommodation, cottages and motels located around the edges of Carita Beach. Starting from cheap hotels and cottages to five-star hotels and cottages, all available at Carita Beach course on the ornament and design is very different nuance to the beach and hotels in other areas.

Carita Beach2 Carita Beach, Banten, West Java.

Many natural tourist attraction in addition to Carita Beach you can visit here, such as visiting the Ujung Kulon National Park – a tourist destination that is rich in biodiversity, flora and fauna rare, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island Peucang blue sea – the so-called paradise never lost, or surfing at sea Panaitan.

So are you waiting for, the content of your holiday and visit the beach carita to get the sensation of another holiday.