Pondok layung hotel anyer

Pondok Layung Resort Hotel Anyer

Pondok Layung Hotel Anyer lying in the white sandy beach Anyer . This hotel located in Bandulu Village, beside the Marbella Anyer Hotel. Pondok Layung Anyer offering Hotel accommodation  and villa.  The Pondok Layung Resort built since the 1990s this hotel offering  a total  20 guestrooms (one suite room). Room in Pondok Layung Resort Anyer has three ranging category , namely upper ground, ground, and suites

Pondok Layung Resort Hotel Anyer
In addition, Pondok Layung Resort are also available 12 villa that has Panglayungan. the comfortable Vila-villa in Pondok Layung Resort  is ranging  into villa with two rooms, three rooms, a studio and apartment style


Pondok Layung Hotel Anyer Room

Pondok Layung resort hotel in Anyer the hotel and the villa is well-equipped  and facilitated with bathroom and shower following water heater, minibar, individual split air conditioning, personal refrigerator (for hotel rooms), family sized refrigerator (for the villa), bottled water, phone, portable cooker (for the villa) , and satellite TV.

Pondok Layung Hotel Anyer Accommodation

Pondok Layung resort hotel in Anyer is also facilitated and equipped with meeting room, swimming pool, restaurant, children play ground, beach mart, and the outbound a park not only that, but also the location is the beach with soft sand and not relaxing. “Not all beaches in Anyer is good, probably only 1.5 km from the coastline, coral reefs form the rest,”

Pondok Layung resort hotel in Anyer located in the best Anyer beach , Pondok Layung resort has a soft sandy beach and not corral.

Pondok Layung resort hotel in Anyer facing on the west coast with panoramic of legendraris of Mount Krakatau, beautiful sunset make unforgettable memories.’ 

Pondok Layung resort hotel in Anyer equipped with various facilities for the comfort of your activities.  Pondok



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