Krakatau surf Carita

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Krakatau Surf Carita Cottages Anyer

Krakatau Surf Carita is superbly located on km.10 a long Carita Beach main road just between the street and the Sunda Straits coastline. Krakatau Surf Carita is offer excellent independent cottages facing safe, sandy beaches with supporting facilities such

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as car park, auditorium, swimming pool and water sport facilities like water scooter, surfing, jetski etc

Krakatau Surf Carita location & facilities

The location of Krakatau Surf Carita is beside of Lippo Carita Condominium, the beach is white sandy and no corral, the Krakatau Surf Carita offering only have some type category cottage base on bedrooms,  from one bedroom to four bedrooms, each of villas is facilitated and amenities with air-conditioning, TV and Refrigerator