Hotel Anyer palazo and boutique

Anyer Palazo Boutique Resort

The Anyer Palazo Boutique Resort in Anyer is located exactly at the seaside Cikoneng, Anyer , offers you the atmosphere of the beach is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the holidays. The Anyer Palaco Boutique resort with the distance just 20 minutes from Tol Gate of Cilegon

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Barat, and located before the Anyer lighthouse.

Anyer Palazo Boutiqeu Resort designed with town house concepts with 2 types of beautiful design, the type Palazo and Sevilla, both have 2 options area that is 38 sqm and 48 sqm. Equipped and facilitated with a swimming pool and fishing pond, you are free to determine the appropriate leisure activities for each family member

In Anyer Palazo Boutique Resort, you can enjoy a touch of sea breeze caress the coconut trees around you.


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