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java‘s”west point”and the last home java Rhino.The ujung Kulon peninsulahas been a fine and interesting nature reserve since 1921and now.In 1980 , has been declare among The first of Indonesianational parks.The park now includes the whole of the western most tip of java – the ujung kulon peninsula[300km2]-as well as the large island of Panaitan and gunung honje massive of then isthmus [150 km2]and 60 km north of Ujung kulon.The island remmants of the famous volcano Krakatau [Krakataus].
the beautiful area ,protected on three sides by the sea and on the east by honje range,has been a natural refuge for wildlife now rare in the rest of heavilly populated java.And is the last home in the world of the once plentifuljavan rhinocerous.Ujung kulon also contains some of the last tract of lowland rain forestin java – even though the tidal waves caused by Krakatau’s final explossions swept across all the lowest land.becuse of the distances involed,most people visit ujung kulon separately from krakatau,Krakatau can be seen in a day,but to enjoy Ujung kulon requires at least 5 days including the time spent getting there.
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Peucang island with two big bungalowsis 90 kms by the sea from carita 2-3 hrs by fast boat or5-6 hrs by slow boat.but presently the best visitor accomodation in the park.The bungallows face a green sward grazed by rusa deer and frequently by marauding monitor lizards and shy long tail macaques.It is an unusual experience in this part of the world to be able to see animals easily from varandah.Peucang is only about 2 km across,a short walk to the other sides through the pleasent open forest of tall trees”uncluttered”in comparison to the peninsula because of the browsing deer and the relative absence of palm.From peucang island




Ujung Kulon national park is one of the history facts of the ruins of Krakatau Mt,explosion in 1883 which has known for it great explosion that continued to succesion of the growing of plants and wild life animals.
Ujung Kulon National park also wellknown as home for javan Rhinocerous [Rhinoceros Sondaicus].

Through surfey that was done by expert,it was found 700 kinds of flora and 57 kinds among them ere rare and endemic species.And up to presentyhe flora and fauna potensial are spreaded into these vegetations;

-Coastal forest,formayion is consisting of pes caprae [Ipomoea pes caprae[katang-katang],spinifex littoreus [jukut kiara] ,pandanus tectorius [pandan],and barigtonia [Buttun baringtonia asiatica],api-api [apicena spp].
-Mangrove ,general kind which founded are padi=padi[Lumnitzera racemosa],api-api [Avicena spp].
-Fresh water swamp,is known by the types of thypa [thypa angustifolia,teki [chiperus spp].
-Lowland tropikal forest is known by palma.


Ujung Kulon national Park is one of the oldest national park in Indonesia,many kind of animalslive and reproduce in this park.

– 35 kinds of mammals,5 kinds primates,240 kinds of birds,59 reptiles,22 of Amphibia,142 kinds of pisces,33 kinds of coral reefs.