10 D TO 14 DAY
The tours started from west to Eastern Part of Java.and tour will ended in Ketapang or Surabaya Juanda airport.[upon request]

Day 01,02
Carita to Krakatau ,cross Sunda strait take 1,5 by fast boat.hike up on anak Krakatau.take a photograph .skin dive at Rakata Island.[sleep on Krakatau].

Day 03
Carita to Bogor {botanical garden}it’s reached 4 hrs by car,visit to Cibodas Botanical garden.stay a night in Puncak Area.{Highland with beautifull scenery of tea Plantation]

Day 04
Visiti to Gunung Gede , trecking up to Kandang kuda,hot spring water. At last evening arrive in Bandung [Stay overnight].

Day 05
Visit Tangkuban Perahu Crater in the North of Bandung.trecking to Domas Crater take 2hrs total tour here.after lunch leaving Bandung for Garut {papandayan crater}.

Day 06
Hike to Papandayan MT. PAPANDAAYAN is one Indonesia most recently erupting Volcanoes.hike a steep ride up the side of Volcano,leads up to the Mud Crater and onto Queen Crater.Whose lakes changes colour from time to time and whose forest remains are a reminder as to how recently she Erupted. From Papandayaan directly to Dieng Plateau. [ Sleep in Wonosobo ,foot hill of Dieng Plateau}

Day 07
Visit to The Old hindus Temples {Arjuna,Bima and many Others].danau telaga Warna {colur lake],Ci Kidang Crater,vegetable Landscap are Visisted. take a car to Yogyakarta.

Day 08-10
Sunrise tour to Borobudur {the Buddist temple},drive away to the Eastern of Yogyakarta that to KETEP of Merapi Volcano Theatre.
Yogyakarta Javas Old Capital,enjoy the culture,the market, and the Arts,Those are some fantastic samples.Batik art work here as well as a buzzing music scene.while The Sultan Palace and water Castle,bird Market also Kraton impress up on you the Former Glory of this City.

Day 11
Yogyakarta to Long distant of Bromo Mt.Visit Prambanan Hindus Temple on the way.
Take 15 hrs by car,Drive up to Cemoro Lawang {Bromo Mt.}

Day 12
Bromo is a Volcano which is located in east Java hugged by 3 Regencies[ Probolinggo, Pasuruan,Lumajang}
It has the massive 10km wide crater.Early morning tour crossing the Sea of black sand and up to the crater or to Pananjakan Mt. see Sunrise.

Day 13
Bromo to Ijen Crater.
Ijen Crater/Plateau, The Eastern Volcano in Java.which is 3000 mt. above sea level.in the journey the car driving up into the many hlls,around bondowoso trough numerous small village {Sempol}.Than the other day ,start of 3 kms walk from Paltuding Pos,up to The Volcano crater.we might stopping on the way for Funtastic views over Eastern Java.Once at the crater rim you look downinto the smoking crater ,with its have lake[colour], and walk down into the crater to see Sulphor Cutters.IT’S WAS AMAZING

Day 14
Ijen Plateau To Ketapang Harbour take 2hrs,or back to Surabaya Juanda Airport for next destination to bali or Jakarta.
The tour can be continued to Bali by crossing Bali strait and will ending in Lovina Beach [North ob bali] or Kuta Beach {south of bali]