>how to get to Krakatau


The journey to the Krakatau islandtakes 1,5 hrs or four hrs by slow boat.nad the best time of the year to make the trip between may to Oktober.Along the journey keep your eyes open,and you may see a frigatebird soaring high overhead.flicking its scissor like tail as it changedirection with hardly aflap of its wing ,you will almost certainly spot flying fish making thire longlow glides above the sea surface.
Some of them Fly for tens of meters and are air born for several seconds.Aproachinfg the Archipelago from java by the route shown ,dolphin often come to greaetthe boat and play along side it or in front of the prow.You may be also lucky enough to see a white -Bellied Sea eagle as you aproach the island .It has a slow ,gliding flight the wing held in ashllow “V”as it soars,searching for sea snake ,fish and crab swimming near the surface.
As you near the Archipelago ,the triangular silhouette Of Rakata,loom ahead.the island takes it names from Krakatau’s largest volcano,of which it is the remaining half .Cloud often covers the peak down to about 550 m,and above this height the forest begins to take diffrentr characters.Mosses fastoon the branches of the trees,which are stunted at thepeak.To the south near the left side of the island as you aproach,it is bay in which sttler named handl lived with his family for a few years from about 1915.There have been no other permanent inhabitants on the island since 1883,altough fishing boat visit 6the archipelago regularly,yhe waters within the island group often being clmer than the open sea.PANJANG island ,formerly called lang islandand sometimes known as rakata kecil,was never part of Krakatau,but once of the part huge predecessor,’ANCIENT KRAKATAU’like rakata and sertung,it was covered in tens of metres of hot ash in 1883,and this hasbeen eroded over the past century into-v shapedgulleys separated by sharp ridges.Like the other two island.it is now covered in forest,some of them vallets are now”hanging”,because the ash cliff has been out back by the action of the sea so that the valley floornow open at considerebleheight above the shore